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Aum with heart

YOGA and
11th-14th July 2024

Experience our unique Yoga and Ecotherapy Retreat here in a beautiful forested valley in South Gower, Wales.

The Retreat Experience Includes:

  • Wild swimming in a stunning beauty spot on the grounds of the retreat centre 

  • Daily guided meditation and two yoga classes each day, including dynamic flow yoga, yin, pranayama and yoga nidra

  • Optional massages with highly trained professional therapists

  • Daily nature based therapeutic activities in a beautiful woodland on the retreat centre

  • Fabulous healthy meals

  • Sauna

  • Hot tub 

  • Kirtan 

  • A connected and supportive community vibe 

Woman meditating in nature

Yoga Retreat Programme

All activities, sessions and meals are completely optional, if you feel you’d like to pick and choose which ones you attend that’s fine with us. That said, please do come to both the opening and closing circles. This means arriving by 6.30pm on Thursday at the latest.

Faint Glow


3 - 5pm
Arrive and settle in.

Make use of the sauna and hot tub, and enjoy a walk around the lake and woodlands.




Opening Fire Circle


Turmeric latte

Gradient Ocean


7.30am Morning meditation


8am Herbal tea, optional fruit

8.30am Yoga


10am breakfast


11.30am Tree connection workshop, woodland. Meet on the lake pontoon.


1.30pm lunch


After lunch: Free time, or book a massage with either teacher


4pm Yoga


5.30pm Dinner


Evening: Hot tub, sauna, book a massage etc

Faint Glow


7.30am Morning meditation


8am Herbal tea, optional fruit


8.30am Yoga


10am Breakfast


11am Sacred Fire ceremony (see below), woodland. Meet on the lake pontoon at 11am.


1.30pm Lunch


After lunch: Free time, or book a massage with either teacher


4pm Yoga


5.30pm Dinner


7.30pm Kirtan

Gradient Ocean


Morning meditation in the
Main Hall


Herbal tea, optional fruit






Wild art; making a nature mandala together



Closing circle

Ready to join us?

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Camp Fire

The Fire Ceremony

During a sacred fire ceremony we sit in circle together and use the power of group prayer and intention to energetically release things that are no longer meant for us, whilst also giving thanks to Mother Earth for giving us our place in the cosmos. We bring two items. Firstly, something that symbolises something in your life that you would like to release. It can be anything, valuable or symbolic, as long as it has meaning for you. It might be something you have held onto for a very long time, and in that, you have held on to the story behind it. We often find when we release the item that holds the story, we are free to energetically shift out of the binds of that story, making more space in our lives for what our hearts truly desire.  The other item is something which symbolises a prayer that you would like to make, or a natural item which can hold your prayer before it is placed into the fire like a leaf, flower or pine cone. These can be found on the land here if needed. If you have any further questions about anything feel free to get in touch for a chat.

Meet The Team
Side profile of Millie

Millie McRobbie



Hello! My name is Millie and I am a self taught cook with over 15 years experience in the kitchen.
To me, food is so important not only for our bodies but also for our communities. It brings people together in day to day life and also in celebration. That's what I love about cooking for people.
My experience ranges from huge commercial kitchens creating handmade bakes and preserves, to cooking for the elderly & people with complex needs and diets. I trained in nutrition during my Health and Social Care career and I understand the complexity of an individual's needs and diet. Food is medicine after all.
For the past 7 years I've run a not for profit food waste initiative that intercepts perfectly edible food from heading to landfill. We create wholesome meals in our community café from this food and serve it on a pay what you can basis.
My passion lies in food and bringing people together so I am so excited to meet you and cook you delicious meals that I hope you'll find just as nourishing as all the other loveliness at this retreat.

Photo of Gemma

Gemma Fox

(Teacher and therapist)

Hi, I'm Gemma, founder of Gower Wild Wellbeing. Before becoming a conservationist and ecotherapist, I was a yoga teacher. I've been teaching yoga for over 10 years, originally training in Sivananda style yoga, then going on to study Ashtanga, Yin and specialising in Prenatal yoga with CPD in Yoga Nidra. The style I now lead is quite unique, combining elemental visualisations, pranayama, and strong vinyasa flow balanced with gentle yin postures. 

To combine yoga with ecotherapy we will be taking some of our sessions outside in the beautiful grounds and woodlands of Werganrose Farm to connect with the land and the elements. We will be integrating nature connection and therapeutic practices and and using earth, fire, water and air to energetically ground, transmute, cleanse and detoxify.

Photo of Fleur

Fleur Handley

(Teacher and Therapist)


Hi I'm Fleur! With four disciplines of yoga and over 15 years of experience in teaching, I am a yogi very dedicated to the practice. I love to bring joy and heart to my classes and my students describe them as fun and light but true to the roots and tradition of yoga. Initially trained at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, India, I then went on to study Anusara yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga and Forest Yoga. My style of yoga now is a unique and balanced blend of dynamic empowering postures, attention to alignment and meditative stillness with a prime focus on the breath.

My classes offer immense opportunity to dive deep and I will support you through your process. 


Jo Stanford

(Reiki Practitioner)


Hi, I'm Jo :) I'm a dedicated practitioner with a passion for healing and wellness, which I believe is a state of complete harmony of body, mind and spirit.  I devote my time to helping others achieve balance in their hectic everyday lives, through my practice 'The Light Touch'.

My journey into holistic health began with my exploration of Reiki, which sparked a profound interest in the power of energy healing, leading me to become a practitioner and soon to be Reiki Master. Since qualifying, I have expanded my range of skills to include many therapies, all which will be on offer on retreat. I'm thrilled to be joining you all on retreat this year and looking forward to meeting everyone! 


25% Off!

Our Yoga and Ecotherapy retreat is perfect for those looking to get away and connect to the natural world.

Our special price of £450 per person is based on a shared room, and is down from £595.

Come and join us for an unforgettable experience!

"This incredible retreat is perfect for those looking to delve deeper into their yoga practice and connect with nature and other like minded people. The setting is in a beautiful farmhouse in expansive grounds with lakes, woodland and babbling brooks. Gemma and Fleur are highly experienced teachers who guide you through your practice and meditation, connecting with nature at a deep level. You will come away feeling relaxed, fulfilled and with a wonderful sense of wellbeing. I highly recommend this retreat!"

Tabby Lazenbury, Past Retreat Participant

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