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Rites of Passage are the initiations we meet at each threshold of change on our journey through life. Each step through life as women leads us deeper and deeper into our connection with ourselves and our power. Rites of passage have been honoured in almost every ancient culture, but with the collective loss of the village has come the loss of the ancient practice of the rite of marking each transition ceremonially. We have replaced our Sacred Rites with celebrations such as birthday parties and hen dos, which although fun and connecting, are often  missing the spiritual element and opportunity for the deep nourishment of a circle held with intention. Entering into motherhood, for example, has now been replaced with baby showers, and while the concept of the traditional Native American 'Blessingway' in the West is becoming a widespread practice, there also many other transitions within our lives which deserve recognition. In some cases, it might be a beautiful idea to incorporate a circle into someone's special day by beginning with a ceremonial circle, which then opens out into a celebration with many more people invited later on. Mama circles could open out into baby showers, and bridal blessing circles could open out into hen parties for example, and this way we can have the best of both worlds. 

Below are some examples of circles I offer.

The Little Maiden Circle 

For little girls

Children are very rarely witnessed with emotional intimacy by their community in our modern culture. These circles are an opportunity to shower your little girl with love and recognition within a small close knit circle of family and friends, reflecting upon the child's growth and transformation and witnessing their unique gifts. This circle is offered for girls aged 7 and above and can be facilitated within your own home or in our private woodland setting. 

The rest of this page is currently under construction. If you have any questions about types of Rites of Passage Ceremonies I currently offer, feel free to get in touch directly for a chat via the 'contact' facility at the bottom of the home page. 

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